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17 Feb, 2015 - Face Snapper, based in south Florida, has developed a way for hotel operators to circumvent the poor reviews on travel advisory websites. Enlisting the use of facial recognition technology (Read more)

How it works


Camera Installation

A small, discreet camera placed near your check-in/check-out area subtly snaps headshots of customers as they interact with your employees.


Computer Installation

The camera is attached to a small, hidden laptop computer that connects to your wi-fi to upload time-stamped photos to our secure server.


Upload to Datacenter

Software installed on the computer identifies customers, and uploads images of them during their time spent interacting with your staff.


We Analyze the Images

Using facial recognition technology, we indicate that a customer is happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or stressed.


Login to View Report

Using your unique username and password, you will be able to freely access our interactive satisfaction report, where you can then search through images of your customers, by date or expression.


Daily Email Summary

These reports will include a daily customer count, and pictures of each unsatisfied customer. Each picture will link to the web application, where more information is available.

What to do with the customer satisfaction report.

Customer Outreach

One unhappy customer can do indescribable damage to your reputation and your bottom line. TripAdvisor, Expedia and other social media have magnified this effect. Face Snapper gives you the tools to minimize the damage a dissatisfied customer might otherwise want to do. Face Snapper will empower you to consider sending discount coupons to customers whose facial expression indicate they were angry, sad, or frustrated at check-in or check-out.

Staffing Decisions

Employees that shine can get the credit they deserve while those who are underperforming can be dealt with appropriately. Our results can ben correlated with your schedule to identify customer satisfaction patterns by employee.

About Us

Face Snapper is a brand new product based on state-of-the art technology. But you can rest assured knowing that it’s from a company with a 15-year track record of success in the infrastructure arena.

Our parent company, Face Snapper, successfully manages more than 1000 servers, along with software that handles tens of millions of businesses. The same skill and dedication to excellence that have made Face Snapper an industry leader have gone into the development of Face Snapper.

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"Every night I review images of the day's check-ins to see if any of my guests' facial expressions show that they were un-happy.

If they are, I meet with them personally the next morning to see what my staff and I can do to ensure that their time with us is a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

- Theresa M.


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